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The variety and scope of NHPI Chamber of Commerce activities are unlimited. The Chamber represents and promotes the area’s business economy, and encourages business and industrial investment, broadening the tax base and providing employment. To business prospects and newcomers, the Chamber represents the community’s pride and self image.

NHPI Chambers of Commerce are increasingly involved in non-commercial areas, such as education, human relations, environmental, cultural and governmental concerns, such as Immigration. These challenges have caused NHPI Chambers of Commerce to become a viable force in seeking solutions to today’s social problems. Chambers of Commerce influence national, state and local legislation affecting business.

Dr. Helaman Hansen PNTV CEO

Dr. Helaman Hansen


Dr. Helaman Hansen, President and CEO of CIBO, Americans Helping America, PNTV, AFA, and NHPI Chambers of Commerce has had a hand in every aspect of this great organization. This organization has developed through years of passion and dedication. The NHPI Chamber of Commerce has gone to the next level, national. We will have a NHPI Chamber of Commerce in most every major city in the United States of America.

Sione MaluaSione Malua is very dedicated to the cause of Americans Helping America. As President of the NHPI Chamber of Commerce Seattle & Portland Chapter. Sione and his team will be involved in helping Businesses and individuals in becoming successful through the Membership Programs that we offer.

If you have any questions about our Membership Programs feel free to call so that we can assist you further.

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